Pot Luck Banquet

[size=200]Solstice Feast[/size]

I know you have lots of these to go to but this is the Quest Mid-Winter feast.

When : Saturday June 30th 2007
: 5pm An Arena and Orcball
: 7pm the feast begins.
Where : St Aidens Hall, Corner Thames Street and Heaphy Terrace
Cost : $10 plus bring a plate

This is a pot luck feast. We will supply the venue, the meat and maybe some wine, you can contribute to a course. Contact us at to which courses you can contribute to.

We hope to see you there.

Edit : Added the date
Edit : Updated the date

So, uh… when’s solstice?

Tentatively I will be there, with a pseudo wifey and 2 x sprogs. 90% sure. Have details to discuss with the better half (mostly convincing them that they want to dress up and act for an evening while eating a communal dinner).
Can bring dogs to lie under table as well… my lab cross will eat til she bursts!


Due to venue hire difficulties the banquet will probably now be on the 30th. Any comments ?

of june?

30th of June, just shifting it back one week else we will have to find an alternate venue. Which option is preferred?

Hey, I can make that one :smiley:

I’m tentatively oncall the weekend of the 30th of June. While that doesn’t preclude me from coming along it could mean that I have to leave part way through. I’d also require access to a phone jack in order to log in or would definitely have to leave at some stage.
So selfishly this date suits me poorly.


I think I’m on call too, but it does not matter since I have T3G
Don’t change dates for me - I am on call 50% of the time anyway.

Dispite my previous post I am happy to try to make any date set.
I will beg scrape and kill in order to make such a fun event… well maybe not beg or scrape.


30th it shall be then. I will book that and keep everyone posted.

Jared if you need a comp available you can probably plug it in in the kitchen. These elvish cooks have very strange magic .

Looks like I’ve got to work on the 30th now :frowning: Have yourselves an awesome banquet

I don’t want to throw a cat in the blender but there is a Ravenholme day game scheduled for the 30th of june. Could this possibly have been taken into consideration, given as there is very likely to be crossover?

the date was set before the change in ravenholmes date.

r u shur?

(It’s looking like I’ll probably need to postpone anyway, though)

Sorry to hear that. We usually ahve a look at teh NZLARPS Site before we set a date.

Just a reminder, teh banquet is this saturday the 30th. Please let me know if you are coming ASAP. As it is a pot luck you will need to bring a plate. Contact me about courses to bring.

Also you will need to bring a knife, fork and drinking vessel.

I hope to see you there


Thanks to everyone that turned up to the banquet.

It was a modest 11 course meal, with a little entertainment and lots of anecdotes.

I had a good time.

Don’t know about you.

Photos to follow on website

ok I have shrunk the photos and sent them to Alista. Hopefully hell have them up in the next 24 hours or so.

Alista has uploaded some of the photos (4 / 13) from the Feast of T’rirey. He has mungded these down to around 30k or so, so if you want me to send you the originals please PM me.

Please specify the size you want: either the original ~1.7M or the reduced ~300k.

Hopefully he will have the others up shortly, but he is playing impoverished rocket scientist tomorrow.

URL: questwaikato.com/Banquet.html