Post event suggestions here

This is the place to post suggestions for larps to be shown on the Signup page of the website:

The purpose of the site is to introduce new people to larp. Therefore we don’t want every larp in the calendar on there, we just need games that are coming up soon and the most appropriate for new larpers. At any time it might only show one upcoming event from any city.

The events should have a registration form that makes signup as easy as possible. The details should be well explained for new people.

Please post the following details of the event here:

Signup form URL
Contact name & email
Costume / what to bring
Briefing document (URL or attach here, not required)
Website/web page (not required, useful for campaigns)

Name: Royal Flush
Signup form URL: … E6MQ#gid=0
Contact name & email: Claire Ahuriri
Date: Friday 15th November
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: $15
Location: TBA
Set in Wonderland (or rather, an interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland), the Kings, Queens and Jacks of the four kingdoms are called together every year to decide on their shared policies. The way they decide is suitably ridiculous: they play a game that is something of a mix between Go Fish and Poker to see who gets to decide each policy for the year. Meanwhile, there are personal vendettas to resolve and enchantments hidden everywhere, and did someone mention the dreaded Alice?
Costume / what to bring: Fantasy/royalty costuming

Name: Heart of Glass
Signup form URL: … c/viewform
Contact name & email: Claire Ahuriri
Date: Friday 22nd November
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: $15
Location: TBA
Another in a series of trashy romance reality TV shows, ‘Heart of Glass’ follows Debbie and Chris, members of the well-past-their-sell-by-date Blondie cover band ‘Platinum’. After a bitter break-up, both Debbie and Chris are looking for love, and this show has combined their quest, giving them a selection of men and women who have to face a bunch of challenges in the quest for love, fame, and of course, the prize money. Only eight contestants are left.
Ratings have been falling, and the producers are desperate to wrap things up before getting cut from the air. They are ending the season sooner than was expected, and the contestants have an ultimatum: do your part to raise ratings tonight, or face missing out entirely on your appearance fee. It would appear that just such a clause was hidden in the small print of the contracts they signed.
Today is your last chance. Get the love. Or at least get the fame and the money before your 15 seconds is up.
Costume / what to bring: Light/medium costuming. Modern day, with a slant towards trashy reality TV

Thanks Claire, I’ve added them both to the site.

Normally we’d only have 1 or 2 games from Auckland listed, but seeing Armageddon is on right now it seems like a nice idea to have both of these available in the next month (as well as Teonn).

That was the idea :slight_smile: I’ve asked them to put up a couple of small posters today and grab some newbies for my games

Also thanks, that was really fast!!

Are there any larps suitable for newcomers that can be added to the site? We’ve run out.

Would crewing at Crucible be a suitable thing to advertise?