Post-Ep 6 Picnic? Y/N?

The final session for 33AR is coming up. Players, you’ve got an important decision to make.

Are you going to have a picnic shortly after the game, for the purpose of resolving your issues? (Assuming you live, obviously.) This could be set days after the finale, weeks, years… And of course Online RP can happen.

But knowing whether or not you’ll have a picnic can help you figure out if you want to fully tie up that loose end during the session.

If you DO have a picnic, then we can’t promise any particular NPCs (so make sure you ask for them in your update for the main session that you’re totally going to send us soon!), but we are happy to facilitate some plot-stuff as normal.

After the last IC meeting, whether it is the picnic or the final session itself, the GMs will go into full disclosure mode (apart from personal RL stuff, obviously). Want to know who did X in session 2? If we remember, we’ll tell you. But we wont do this until after the picnic if it’s happening.

We don’t need to decide the fine details now, but at the end of session 6, we’ll want to know if a picnic is likely, so lets have a think about it now.

My vote is no, not only because I’m probably unlikely to attend, but I kind of like the finalness of the last game. I know in previous campaigns people have posted up epilogues of what happened to their characters and I think that’s enough from my perspective. I plan on resolving any plots I still want to at the weekend game.

Would this picnic be on the same weekend of the last game? Or at another time? I’m in favour of it if it’s after, just so I know some people would like closure with characters that can’t make it to the last game (and vice versa). :smiley:

Probably at another time.

Another alternative people have suggested is an online scene with an open invite, in order to resolve issues but makes room for distance play as well

I would say no. Should Jane live, I think I’ll want to let her go have a proper ending, since the campaign will be over. Having an in char event would probably be harmful to the leaving the character behind process.

Yes. I think it’d help to put my character to rest to be able to play her in a neutral setting one last time.

I think it would be fun as an event (and I would love more opportunities to bring Uriel into being), but I can see why people would prefer to have session 6 be the end. What I’d really like is an online ‘One year later’ epilogue, so that we can check in and put any loose ends to rest, give an idea of what happened to our characters, and (hopefully) bring a sense of contentment to the end of the war.