Possible Wellygeddon games?

We’re currently planning our Wellygeddon marketing campaign for this year. Normally this means we run two games to pay for it all:

  • a 16-20 player game (can be larger) on Armageddon weekend itself as part of NZ ComicCon; and
  • a larger (min 30) player game in mid July as an intro game for people we recruit at Armageddon.

Both games must be newbie-friendly, and genre, or at least the sort of thing the broad geek / cosplayer audience of Armageddon would go for.

Currently we’re looking at “Delicious Friends” for ComicCon and “Tesla’s Wedding” (AKA “Perambulate we Merrily”) for July. They’re both Steampunk, and they’ve both been run before, but there’s a large audience who hasn’t played them. But before we commit to this, does anyone else have any suggestions?