Possible useful online ticketing system

I just came across another online ticketing website, ‘Humanitix’. It seems that they are based in Australia, but apparently support NZ relatively well. The website appears to have been constructed to imitate another well known online ticketing system somewhat-closely, but they seem to say that they have lower fees.

The big downside (for now, at least, maybe the site will really take off) would probably be much less potential casual exposure to people who aren’t looking for a LARP already - though I suspect there haven’t been terribly many people buy a ticket after stumbling across a LARP on other sites.

I suppose maybe everyone else has already heard of it, but I hadn’t, and last I knew some events were using online ticketing systems. Thus, I figured I should pass it on :slight_smile:

That wasn’t one I was aware of.

ATM big weekend-long games are tending to use EventBrite, and smaller day games are using the NZ-based LilRegie. But its really a question of what the GMs are comfortable using. If they like the look of a new one, they’ll gradually migrate.

Huh, I had never heard of LilRegie :exploding_head:

It looks to me like this Humanitix might be a good replacement for EventBrite, but as you say, whichever one works best for the organisers is the one they should use :+1: