Players.... Assemble!

Hi guys,

Now that tickets are selling, I figured its time we started introducing our characters. Skyldingheim is a small place after all, we’ve all been vaguely aware of each other for ever. Plus, it would be handy to check how many healers and bards and beserkers and members of each clan and so on we have.

Introducing… Sigthrudoor Baradotter of Clan Myrr. Sissa is an elder with grown grandchildren around Skyldingheim, and now they’ve grown, she’s joined the Godi. So she’s in need of a Godi teacher - someone comically younger than her would be ideal. Tattoo path of Thor (matters for Godi skills).


I am also planning on playing a path of Odin Godi! I’m Elvr, the middle of 3 siblings. I’m around 25 years old, if that’s comically younger enough and you’re still looking? Otherwise I have a younger sibling who is also a Godi…

We are from Clan Vidir.

I’m playing Freygard, the youngest of the three siblings. I’m a year away from their coming of age ceremony, and are very anxious about it. I’m often quiet and kind, but weak.

I’m looking for connections at the moment!

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Einarr Valdisson is a Laeknir and Seidr in his mid-thirties from clan Aldrnari. A Follower of Eir, he has fallen into disfavour due to his skepticism about the healing techniques of the celebrated Anr Tygrasson.

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