Plans for 2020

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So, what is everyone planning to do in 2020? Here’s what I’m already scheduled for:

Cerberus 2020: Scheduled to run A Turn on the Radiance Rose and The Kyme Summit.

Hydra 2020: Planning to give The Gehenna Memo its first Wellington run. I’m not sure what my second game will be - possibly Going Under… Anyone have any requests?

Winter 2020: I need to work out a series of games to run to pay for Armageddon. The very busy May-June means they’ll be delayed this year, and won’t start until July. Which gives me plenty of time to think.

Phoenix 2020: I’m going, but have no idea what to run yet. But I’m looking forward to finally returning to the Kestrelverse as Sax in The Markov Solution. And maybe I can buy Max that beer…

October 2020: Helping @Catnip rerun The Markov Solution for Wellington Kestrel fans.

Of course, that’s just the running stuff. On playing, I’m really looking forward to the Londinium Rising campaign in February, Blood in the Furrows in June, and Consequence in May and November.

Consequence will be running twice next year, I feel most of my spoons will go towards that!


I’m looking forward to Consequence, Londinium Rising, and Blood In the Furrows, but one I don’t hear much of and really enjoyed (thanks @lesbiancobra) is Contaigion.

Other stuff includes getting into fantasy larps via crewing, and trying to write something.


I’ll be crewing Consequence (both games, hopefully) and I may play in the next Contagion game once I find out more info about it.

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Looking forward to maybe playing in another Contagion game some time this year and maybe signing up to crew something in Auckland.

I’m intending to fly down for Phoenix and my first Hydra this year and I’m looking forward to Pegasus running for the first time!