Plans for 2019

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So, what is everyone planning to do in 2019? Here are my plans:

Cerberus 2019: Currently undecided, but looking at Arsenic & Lies , a card-based murder mystery larp, or at Under the Mountain from Crescendo Giocoso .

Hydra 2019: premiering Property & Propriety , the sequel to Longmuir Hall , and running Best of the Wurst from Peaky Games (I am now regretting not taking the opportunity to do a Wellington run of Gehenna Memo though).

Winter 2019: Wellygeddon is early this year, in mid-April, so in May I’m running The Expanse: Titanic Machinations , and following it up with Volcano’s Edge in July.

Phoenix 2019: Currently undecided.

October 2019: Hopefully helping @Catnip run The Constanza Blockade , the penultimate Kestrel game.

November 2019: NaLaWriMo. Which may mean a third Longmuir Hall game, depending on how Property & Propriety goes at Hydra.

I’m probably only going to make it to Phoenix 2019 next year, where I’m hoping to have a new game to run. I’m intending to try and write two games next year and finish fixing up a third so I have things to contribute in 2020 when I have fewer weddings to attend and hopefully less first-year teacher stress.

I’ve been trying to convince myself that I can make it to Hydra this year, but with it being the last weekend of the school holidays, and graduation and a wedding the week before, I’ll have little to no time at home to prepare for term 2 and I’ll desperately need it. Damn.

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KapCon: Glitch and How to Succeed in the Apocalypse Without Really Dying

Sometime in March: the first session of Contagion, a day-game campaign about a mystery plague hitting Wellington

Hydra: The Always Winter, a game about telling fables centuries after the nuclear apocalypse

Armageddon: The Lotus, plague and aliens on a spaceship

Phoenix: I’ve submitted a flagship, just waiting to find out whether I’ll be running that or a couple of smaller games

Other: if I can squeeze it in somewhere, a run of The F.A.E. Trial, a weird retro sci-fi/puzzle-solving/reality TV thing. Also working on getting a few older games published, and will almost certainly add a few more things to the list when I inevitably get over-enthusiastic at cons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do the F.A.E. trial in like September so I can fly over for it thanks

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I will run the Den of Wolves megagame on 23 February. After that I am planning to run Colossus of Atlantis at Wellycon on Queen’s Birthday weekend, and to hopefully get a third megagame done during the second half of the year.

Edit: the third game will be Flower Power II, a revision of a game I first ran in 2006.

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