I’ve put literally a dump of the photos off my camera onto my picasa web site.

Just because I know people will want to see.

Not EVERYTHING is up there I hasten to add. But what’s there should be non-incriminating.

Naturally let me know if you have a photo of yourself that you don’t want up there.

Edits and cutting it down a lot to the good ones wil happen approximately when I have time.

Still so, so impressed by the costumes.

Thank you so much for the photos Norman, even more so since you were playing in almost every round.

You’re a legend Norm. Amazing shots.

Yay! Finally I’m on the other side of the camera.

Delicious Friends: … tHydra2012

Photos from 32AR can be found at the top of the gallery, over at the 33AR website.

The handful of photos I took can be found here.

Mostly from Call of the Wild Hunt but a few others in the mix. And one with a duck that ran off with a red feather.

Thanks for the photos guys, really appreciate that you guys take the time.

Holy crap, everyone looks amazing!

Thanks everyone for the photos :slight_smile: