Photos (with permissions) wanted for international interview

Hi everyone! National Marketing Officer hat on for a moment.

As a follow up to an interview I completed with some overseas LARP/TableTop YouTubers, they would love accompanying photos to go with it. They are very conscious of course, as am I, about permissions to use them.

This is a general call out for folks to give permission for their image or for photographers to give permissions. I will stress to them that proper credit is given as a condition for use.

If there is a LARP photo of you that you think is awesome, feel free to email it to I will be seeking permission from the photographers themselves unless there is accompanying proof that they have given permission for this particular use (Consequence photographer has already given the green light).

Costumes, action shots, things that you think really capture the NZ LARP scene are all welcome. Older pictures are also great.

I will keep this open for a week or until I receive many, many pics.