Phoenix: North Island posse (2016 edition)


Phoenix 2016 will be on the weekend of August 26 - 28, likely at the Wheki Building at University of Canterbury again. Anyone want to do a posse?

Its a non-residential con, so there are challenges: you’ll need somewhere to stay (we used a motel on the bus route), and food (its easy to hitch on a lunch run, and they do pizza for Saturday dinner, but you need to fend for yourself for breakfast). You will need to arrive in Christchurch by 3pm if you want time to dump gear and get to the venue for con sign-in / game setup. They run till 4pm on Sunday, so you might want to schedule your flight home after 6pm.

If you want to run a game, keep in mind that the venue is a series of large university seminar rooms. They’re looking for games in the 8 - 20 player range. They are on the larp network and tend to have played things which are publicly available, so you either need new games or small, popular ones which will have an untapped market.


Update: They’re looking for games. The game submission form is here: … M/viewform


Phoenix game selection is open!

A list of games is here: