Phoenix 2018

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Phoenix 2018 will be held on 24 - 26 August at the Waipara Adventure Centre, 137 Darnley Rd, Glasnevin. That about an hour’s drive North of Christchurch. As with Chimera and Hydra, it will be residential and fully catered.

This year’s flagship is A Game of Thrones: Blackfyre Rising by Kristen and James Patten, facilitated by Malcolm, Donna, and Daena:

“Some old dead king gave a sword to one son instead of another. That was the start of it”.

In Westeros, the Targaryens rule the Six Kingdoms, as they have since they came with their dragons to conquer, bringing fire and blood. King Aegon Targaryen IV is dead, and on his deathbed has decreed all of his bastards to be legitimate heirs to the throne. His only legitimate son, Daeron II, has assumed the Iron Throne, but the length of his new reign is anything but certain. The Great Houses have called their banners and marched to King’s Landing, and it remains to be seen whether they come to swear fealty, or to plunge the Six Kingdoms into bitter war. Now, Gods, stand up for bastards!

Set in the world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, a century before the events of A Game of Thrones, Blackfyre Rising is a game of politics and romance, chivalry and treachery, bastardy and baseness, the bonds of blood and the will to power, and perhaps a touch of magic. There will be great lords and ladies (both honorable and treacherous), knights, holy men and women, wise maesters, noble hostages, and more people with claims to the throne than is probably healthy.

Pre-registration is not yet open, but game submissions are, and can be made here:


If you are flying in from the North Island, I would recommend an arrival time no later than 16:00 so you can coordinate with other travelers for transport. We’re arriving at ~15:30. Last year Saga were kind enough to organise car-pooling, so we didn’t have to hire a vehicle.

For return, organise departure time of 18:30 or later. Earlier may involve stress, and possibly having to skip the last round.

As of time of posting, you can get there from Wellington for as little as $120 ($60 there, $60 back, involves arriving early and a no-stress 19:30 flight back), or from Auckland for $140 ($70 there and back, but early arrival and very late departure). These prices are for Air NZ; if you fly Jetsuck, its at your own risk of just not getting there.


Games are beginning to go up on the Facebook event. In addition to the flagship, they’ve also announced:

  • The Kouros Intercept (Tony Mitton and A J Smith, run by @Catnip) - Kestrel 4! Alix, Max, Lissa and the rest of the gang return for more adventures.
  • Final Voyage of the SS. Prometheus (Samantha Nicholls) - a rerun from last year. The SS Prometheus is about to be decommissioned, and its long-serving captain is making its final voyage with its loyal crew.
  • United Earth Air Force: Class of 2203 (Samantha Nicholls) - set in the same universe as the above, about cadets on a shuttle trip. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Pretty Little Cultists (@lesbiancobra) - “Desperate housewives” meets Cthulhu.
  • Blackened Hearts (Matthew Karabache, run by @Inveighed ) - a solid pirate larp, with all that that entails. I played it at Hydra, and it was good.
  • Tears of Heaven (@Ciaran) - a fantasy walking larp about adventurers destroying a lich

I’d happily play all of these. If the rest of the games offered are this good, I’m going to have to make some tough choices about what to play in.


We have games!

Our current games are:
The Freighter Coralus by Quentin Bourne - Two people must die to save the rest of the crew of the ship. Who will it be?

The Kouros Intercept by Tony Mitton and AJ SMith, facilitated by Donna Giltrap - The next game in the Kestrel Saga is here!

The Final Voyage of the SS Prometheus by Samantha Nicholls - 20 years after she was commissioned, the Prometheus is being decommissioned, the fate of the crew is uncertain. This is her last voyage.

United Earth Air Force: Class of 2203 by Samantha Nicholls - You and your fellow cadets are on your way from Earth to Jupiter for your final three years of training. It will be a challenger, although maybe not as much of a challenge as this shuttle trip…

Pretty Little Cultists by Lee Patrick - Come explore the dark side of suburbia, where the thousand-tentacled eldritch abomination isn’t nearly as nasty as the soccer moms.

Blackened Hearts by Matthew Karabache, facilitated by Quentin Bourne - You’re about to make port in Tortuga, those who aren’t needed to sail the ship are able to enjoy the rest of the evening with a little bit of early gambling and drinking, so everyone is in high spirits. All that’s left now is to enjoy the rest of the evening as you coast into port, and maybe swindle some of your fellows out of their share.
Wait, what’s all this about a curse?

Tears of Heaven by Ciarán Searle - A walking LARP , your adventuring party have defeated the Lich, and lost one of your own during the battle, and now you must destroy the phylactery. It won’t be easy, evil forces are amassing to try and stop you reaching your destination - The Tears of Heaven.

The Last Day of Pompeii by Lee Patrick - Pompeii, 2025. The volcano is about to explode, and nine strangers have come here to die.

Mad-Winter Christmas by Sally Hayes - You are attending a mid-winter christmas party with your in-laws. It’s bound to be awful, can you avoid interacting with anybody? Probably not, but it’s worth a try right?

Full game blurbs can be found on the event page, as well as future ones when they are submitted. If you are interested in running a game, the game submission form is here, game submissions close on the 25th of May.


I really should have checked before posting my one, you beat me to it.


When are you expecting to open for registrations?


We are going to open registrations on the 1st of June


Some additional games have been announced over the past few weeks:

Muscle Mayhem by Stuart Stoddart - the performers of East Coast Epic Wrestling must do one last show to save their brand. Are you ready to rumble?

Graduation Day by Donna Giltrap, facilitated by Chloe Sutherland - Prince Ambrose, the younger son of the King of Arlandia, was sent to the White College to receive a gentleman’s education. To the surprise of many he actually passed his final exams.

A Royal Celebration by John Kim, facilitated by Summer Jolly - A comedic fantasy larp inspired by The Princess bride. The crown prince of Florin is due to be married to the daughter of their greatest enemy. The kingdom prepares to rejoice in a celebration of impending peace. Behind the scenes, though, the castle is buzzing with rumors that disguised pirates are among the guests.

Your Last Day Here by Tayla Jones and Ethan Gullery - You are a group of survivors in New York City. You’ve fought your way through the hordes of the undead to the nearest skyscraper: the Elite Protoscience building. Hoping to find a radio transmitter here to send a signal to the emergency transports, you barricaded yourselves inside with the horde gathering outside. Can you find the radio, call for help and escape before you are overrun?

Red Tape by Sandra Duggan, facilitated by Summer Jolly - Located on the outskirts of time and space lies the “office”. Assigned to the “Earth Department”, the workers here deal with very much mundane tasks like pretending that evolution happened, making sure that tides move, and much more. However, when they become bored of these small tasks, that is where the real fun begins. Now they’ll all decided to become communists. Let the madness ensue.


The latest;

Extinguishing the Light of Reason by Edward Stutters

Every year since the Fall, the great London Colleges of Summerset and Benthic meet to exchange research, inform the public of the great importance of their work and, naturally, argue each other into a stupor. This year is no exception and the topic has been decided based on several major breakthroughs in Experimental Psychology - a Device will be present to prevent the unfortunate occurrences of madness which normally plague this kind of meeting. This ranges from unexpected explosions and infestations of weasels to, in one very memorable year, an unexpected explosion of weasels.
Weasels have been banned for a start.
The conference promises to be most productive yet.

This is a Fallen London larp. it ran at Cerberus, where it was very well received, and I’m glad to see its getting another run.


Shark alert! Hungry shark week for Phoenix starts tomorrow at noon! Someone will post the link here (probably once they’ve filled it out).

The complete timetable is here.

Other information, including prices and a menu is on the Saga page here.


Player registrations are now open!

The form to register for Phoenix is here




While the Friday night games are now full, there’s 5 - 12 spaces in each of the other rounds, so still plenty of options.


And if you’re thinking of going to this from Wellington, GrabASeat has tickets right in the right time zone: $54 for a 2pm flight (arriving at 3) on Friday, and $77 for a 6:30 flight home.


Three days to go. I am packed and the hype is building.

I am scheduled for “The Freighter Coralus” on Friday, “Pretty Little Cultists” followed by “Extinguishing the Light of Reason” then running “Blackfyre Rising” on Saturday, then on Sunday its a nice comfortable walk in “Tears of Heaven” followed by Zombie action in “Your Last Day Here”. And I’m looking forward to everything.


Have fun!


We’re only in Pretty Little Cultists together :slight_smile: Shows how diverse the game selection is! See you there on Friday!