Persephone's Choice (October 14)

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When: Saturday 14 October 2017. 7pm setup, 7:30pm start, 10:30pm finish
Where: Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, PETONE
How much: $20, $15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUW Games Club members and first-time larpers.
Signup form:

Millennia ago, at the dawn of the Atomic age, humanity developed the Positronic robot. With the help of these benevolent servants, they settled fifty worlds. The Spacer worlds were paradises, free of war, free of disease, free of want, their citizens’ every need cared for by an army of robotic servants. Earth became an overpopulated hive, its population huddling in their caves of steel, rejecting robots and the higher living standards they could provide.

But a century ago, after a thousand years of looking inwards, Earth established new colonies — without the use of robots. These new “Settler” worlds have sparked a technological and economic boom, and are already challenging the might of the Spacers. War could follow.

But there is also a chance for peace. Environmental collapse on the Spacer world of Persephone will force its population to relocate within decades. An economic crisis on the Settler world of Echo means that it needs more people for its terraforming project to succeed. Can Spacers and Settlers overcome their differences and find a way to work together? Or will both worlds have to be abandoned?

Persephone’s Choice is a retro-SF larp for 13 players set in the universe of Isaac Asimov’s famous robot stories. The players will portray diplomats, scientists, and robots as they debate Persephone’s — and humanity’s — future. It is inspired by the larp Persephone’s Gift by Daniel Kane and the MIT Assassins Guild.

There is a Facebook event for those who prefer that platform here. In the event that this larp is massively oversubscribed, I may be able to add an afternoon session.

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We’re now full, so additional signups will be waitlisted. If I get enough, I will run that afternoon session.

This game has now been cast, and players should have a link to the cast-list in their inboxes.