Pen-and-paper roleplaying anyone?

I’ve recently moved to Hamilton and I’m looking to start/join a table top pen-and-paper rpg. It’d probably be “Call of Cthulhu” if I run one but I’m open to playing just about anything. A weeknight would probably suit best, either weekly or fortnightly. I can host (which works best for me as I’m a stay-at-home dad) but can also travel. Anyone?

hi there,

there are a few pen and paper role players here, that also larp… I myself have a weekly Pathfinder game so that counts me out.

On the other hand there is larp.

And a bunch of us are heading to Auckland for Teonn… assuming you can find someone to watch the wee ones. I am sure there are crew spaces left and for $50 odd it is a great weekend of entertainment. :smiley:


Thanks for the heads up: already had one possible.

LARP is probably not my thing but who knows…

Hey there synthboy, I am running a game at the moment that’s kinda full (late-starting game with five players) but one of them is on a provisional basis. I can keep you in mind if a spot opens up. I can definitely get word out among some other gamers I know (I am in the same circles as Jared).

In the meantime if you are in the need of making some geeky friends locally we can probably help you out there. Do you board game at all? :slight_smile:

Hey invisiblemoose,

Cheers for the offers: if anything opens up I’m game. I do play board games: just purchased “Mansions of Madness” which I’m hoping to get out for a test flight once I’ve figured out the rules. Anyone?

I’ve already got that game PLUS all the expansions. It’s a lot of fun. I’ll keep you in mind if I run another game - which will probably be soon because I just got a big expansion this month. :slight_smile: