Payments and Bank Accounts

Hey Guys

I have decided to make this sticky so it is Visible and clear and easily found.

There are currently 4 Bank Accounts to do with NZLarps:----- PLEASE NOTE THE BANK ACCOUNTS HAVE CHANGED, USE THE FIRST NUMBER ON EACH LINE. ----

The National Account (for your NZLarps membership): 12-3066-0279570-00 ----------------------- DO NOT USE THE OLD ONE ANY MORE (02-0290-0086913-001)

The Wellington Account (for games you play in Wellington): 12-3066-0279570-02 ---------------------- DO NOT USE THE OLD ONE ANY MORE (02-0290-0086913-002)

The Auckland Account (for games in Auckland, Teonn, Witch House, etc): 12-3066-0279570-01 ---------------- DO NOT USE THE OLD ONE ANY MORE (02-0290-0086913-000)

The Hamilton Account: 12-3066-0279570-03

Please try and make sure your payments go into the right accounts. And always try and put the correct details on there (what event it’s for and so on).

12-3066-0279570-00 - National
12-3066-0279570-01 - Auckland
12-3066-0279570-02 - Wellington
12-3066-0279570-03 - Hamilton