Outdoor Games for Hydra

I know a few people have said it would be cool to have more games that make use of the outdoor spaces at Hydra, so I am thinking up the plot for one. I have a vague premise, characters, and an outline of the game so far.


Do we have an updated map of the outdoor spaces? The closest I can find is @musicforwolves’ old 33AR map here (scroll down):

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Russ’s 33AR map is by far the best map that I’m aware of for Brookfeilds. The ones that they publish themselves are a bit abstract and activity based and much less useful for actually planning the movements of real people.

I used the 33AR one for planning “The 63” which was an outdoor running around-er, and while the players didn’t QUITE find the Thing that the map led to, they were only one bunch of bushes off.

I’m very keen for more outdoor games at Hydra. I’ve been playing around with an idea for another one for a few years, and I’ve always had a blast at the ones I’ve played.

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