Also have a forum at kallisti.net.nz/oursforum/ but it seems to be inactive. Must investigate this.

Best way to contact us is through the president’s email address otagouni.roleplayers@gmail.com
Join our facebook group Otago Uni Roleplayers Past and Present facebook.com/groups/31643536656/
Our ongoing LARP for 2012 is a changeling one called Lost in Manhattan (separate diatribe forum)
Casual boardgaming and one off games every 2nd Wednesday at Clubs’n’Socs from 6pm

Our next convention of 2012 is July 13-15
Brochure docs.google.com/file/d/0B7VsZUB … edit?pli=1
Pre-Register docs.google.com/spreadsheet/vie … c6MQ#gid=0
Facebook event facebook.com/events/373037069426799/

We are currently working on a new website! Should be made public once we’ve sorted out what to put on it.

About that making it public: