It is the Grand Final of the University of Waikato Orcball competition today at 1pm.
This will be a hard fought contest between the Sexy Vikings and the Shadow Templar of the Hello Kitty Covenant. They have met before and the Vikings were victorious by one goal. Can the Templar regain their honour?

What’s this? (I’m new-ish =D)

ORCBALL - results

The Sexy Vikings beat the Shadow Templar of the Hello Kitty Covenant in a hard fought and sometimes controversial game. This means the Vikings are the A semester Champions.

As to the Question of what is Orcball?

Rugby with swords? Sorta?

More American Football with weapons.

Meh, pretty similar in my eyes…

It’s hilarious, awesome fun. It’s also good training for boffo games. Waikato Uni at 1 on a Wednesday, meeting at Momento’s beforehand. It’s well worth joining

This semester we are aiming for 8 aside games. Yesterday we had 10 a side. An excellent match.