OOC musings and chit-chat


Starting is hard.
A great deal of American history reads like someone made it up.
“Type-written” or handwritten? I could use the handwriting practice, but also I like editing without starting all over again.
I am googling WWI a lot, my advertising is gonna get weird.


You could always do the composition on computer and then write out the final version by hand.


This is true. And then send the computer one directly to @IdiotSavant


Preferably to the official email: innsmouthpapers@gmail.com


I’m saving starting for after work tomorrow, going to compose on the computer and hand write it for mailing.

Now, where and how to start this story?


Oh, I completely forgot to post this before, but is there anyone else out there who only has three contacts that would be interested in corresponding with Aeson? He’s really nice, honest!


I’ve had a couple of other people express interest in joining, so I may be able to set you up with someone.

And as noted earlier, if anyone wants to declare someone to be a relative or old lover, please do so. These weren’t relationships I was really comfortable creating, but players are free to.


Well, if he was part of the literary scene and I play a journalist there might be a slight connection…


I honestly find that I write prose more fluently if I do it longhand on paper first. (It’s harder to get distracted by “Oh, I’ll just research this detail” rabbit holes.)


I’ve received my first letters (as GM). So, things are officially underway!

Guess I’d better get thinking about that newspaper then.


I fear I have done my writing hand a disservice in the length of the draft I have typed for myself. To copy it to paper will be a labour. And after that I have some extra to add to an addendum (purely for ‘hooks’ and future musing.s)


:grimacing: Euh… How many pages are we talking about here?!


It’s only about 1600 words (main letter). Not much for me to type at my speeds, but I have unfortunately neglected my hand writing and so I fear this shall be interesting.


Well, that’s longer than I thought anyone would write. But I suspect it’ll be self-limiting :slight_smile:


That’s…a lot of words. :astonished: Mine will be quite a bit shorter!


I was going to go with a typewriter font but I ended up making a very nice template in google docs for Cyril’s letters. I even came up with a letterhead and a signature.

Now I just need to finish the first letter. I’m at 493 words so far, but I want to stretch it out a bit more.


I think I’m coming down with something, hehehe, writing Cthonic letters while in a fever sounds like a good time :smiley:


I’m looking forward to reading one of them! :crazy_face:


It only took 2 hours (on sunday) to write out, and now it’s in the post! The game is a foot!


It looks like the first letters have begun arriving.