Online RP thread- The laboratory and hydroponics

(this takes place roughly a month after the game)

In the small makeshift laboratory on camp there is a bit of snoring trickling out the door a bit further in there lays Gadget sleeping atop several open books oh horticulture, farming and tractor engineering, in her hand lays a half drunk cup of tea and around her several forgotten meals dutifully brought to her by #74. Her notebook has scribbled all over it sketches and diagram for growing things in ungrowable places. and in a corner some tomatoes are growing upside down suspended from the ceiling. Gadget lets out a snuffle and murmurs something about “Demons being uncivilized bothersome creatures.” With a start Gadget bolts up “Ah so simple! We need to hyrdoponically, infuse the seedpods with nutrients via…” she sags back down asleep before finishing her work. She constantly looks tired, worried and far away. Terrified that if she doesn’t come up with a solution all of the camp and perhaps Skye, will die. It’s up to her, she’s a genius she can sort this out!

#74 makes her way carefully towards the lab. She’s holding a plate of grey…something. It’s got grains in it, and is probably very nutritious. No wheat, obviously. She needs to have a strict word with Gadget; food wastage is no laughing matter in these troubled times. Perhaps if she finds an excuse to stay she can make sure Gadget actually eats the damn stuff. And perhaps she can convince Gadget to dismantle the trouser press. The darned thing nearly took #74’s eye out, and it’s jolly hard chasing cyborgs around the Island when one has no depth perception.

She balances the plate on one arm and knocks cautiously at the door.