One-off weekend-long larps

In New Zealand weekend-long larps are now exclusively live-combat campaigns, part of an ongoing series. But that’s not the only possible format. The New England larp culture started with weekend-long theatre-style games, originally parasitic on SF cons, later standalone in hotels. And in Scandawegia and the UK there are strong traditions of one-off weekend-long games. There’s a lot of documentation on the Nordic side of this (Monitor Celestra, Castle of Wizardry, La Bete), but here’s some other recent examples:

God Rest Ye Merry - a ghost story set in an old mansion (this has great details on their SFX, BTW)

Celtic Fire - occultism in a sleepy Welsh town during WWI

Camp hatchet - 80’s teen slasher movie

Operation R’lyeh - Cthulhu at the end of WWII

Has anyone thought of producing such a game in NZ?

(Also, dump future examples in this thread - they may inspire others)

I have definitely considered doing these, most of the ideas within a fantasy genre, but I would love to see one of these run in NZ sometime.

I had looked at doing a 2nd edition Cthulhu live game set in ww2 rather boringly called OOS Delta green, where in the players were part of the ww2 secret war being fought on the occult level versus the axis Karotechia.