One-off weekend-long games


A recent query on Facebook about what games people are thinking of running next year has resulted in a couple of people suggesting one-off, weekend-long games. This is a common format overseas (and the dominant format in some larp cultures), but not one which is done very often in NZ (our weekend games tend to be campaigns). So, are you interested in this game format? What genres do you think it would work with / would like to see it done for? Do you think it would work best with pre-written characters, or with the players creating their own?


I’d definitely be interested. I’m used to creating my own characters but wouldn’t mind being given some constraints, e.g. member of a house/a guild/an order, a profession or a goal or two either.

Genres, well… I’ve seen it done with fantasy and zombie apocalypse (fuuun!). I’ve heard about post-apocalyptic ones as well. All of these were mostly or completely outdoors.

I’ve also heard about a very elaborate Star Trek-themed one that was indoors. But I’m not sure how that went in detail. It sounded like there was quite a lot of technology involved.

The biggest question for these types of events would be the venue, though. Where would you have the space, privacy and basic facilities to run something like this? You’ll need at least running water on a tap somewhere and a toilet or two if you’re doing an outdoors one. (Ideally, a service building on a campsite, actually, but there you go.)

Some one-offs I’ve been to were actually part of a sort of casual-campaign setting, by the way. In the sense that there was some ongoing plot, but knowing about it wasn’t a requirement to enjoy the event. There was enough other stuff going on that was meant to be solved during the weekend.


I’d be super keen for some one-off weekend games! I’d really like to be in some longer-form stuff than my usual 3-hour theatreforms. I’d love to see some zombie/post-apocalypse games run in this format.


If its a full weekend, there’s no reason we couldn’t use the sorts of camps we usually use. Auckland has a great variety, suitable for all sorts of different games. In Wellington, we haven’t really used anywhere other than Brookfields.


I too would absolutely love a one off zombie/post apocalyptic weekend game. I feel like the genre really lends itself to high intensity short bursts of action, and with such a tight time limit, the sense of urgency would add a whole new level.
Also…I love zombies.


@sigijade May I send you towards this thread, then? :slight_smile: