Once More With Feeling - Rerun Requests

We’ve run a lot of great games at Chimera. Actually, we’ve run a lot of really great games all over New Zealand. The NZ larp community are pretty amazing larp writers. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to write one of these darn things, and they take a mere three hours to run, and it’s great to dust them off and rerun them. If there’s a game you missed and really want to play, or a larp you played that you really want to play again, request it, and the GM may feel motivated to rerun it. There’s nothing like the crowd calling for an encore :slight_smile:

So, here’s a list of all the larps we have run at Chimera over the last seven years! All one hundred and fifty seven of them. Of course, you’re encouraged to request larps that haven’t run at Chimera - Hydra, Kapcon, Medusa, and the South Island writers have written some great stuff that we haven’t seen at Chimera!

13 Angry Men With Guns
A Dead Man’s Chest
A Feast of Crows
A Night at the Museum
A Serpent of Ash
A Town Called Refuge
All the President’s Zombies
Alpha Alpha Asgard
An Ecumenical Matter
Angels in the Fog
As We Waltzed On
Asterix and the Council of Carnutes
Aunt Beatrice Began It
Bad Dreams: Electric Sheep
Bad Dreams: Hurricane Hotel
Bad Dreams: Murder Ballads
Bad Dreams: Purgatory
Bad Dreams: The Hidden
Bad Dreams: Trust
Betrothals and Betrayals
Bilgerats and Buccaneers
Bitter Tears at Sad Mary’s Bar and Girl
Blood and Iron: Teutonic
Boats Against the Current
Boffo’s Birthday Bash
Bomini Bombus
Brick and Water
But Nobody Loses An Eye!
Carnival Arcane
Carry on at Camp David
Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide
Combat Zone
Communing in Darkness
Corbett and Grimes, Private Detectives
Diamond Geezers
Down and Out in Middenburg
Dry Spell
Emergency St Wolgang
Evicting the Dragon
Evil Overlord Society Inc
Fall of the Jaguar Gods
First Night
Flight 665: Safety First
For the Honour of the Family
For Those In Peril
Forgotten Gods
Galaxia 20
Graduation Day
Happily Ever After?
Heart of Darkness
House on Haunted Hill
Into the Woods
Jade Empire
Jade Empire: Uchikake
Jade Empire: Zhen Zhu Chie
Kil Quest III: Destroy the Goblin King
Kil Quest III: Minor Problems
Kil Quest III: The Hunt for the Necromancer
Knightshade: Circle of Sorcery
Knightshade: Severed Souls
Knightshade: The Dark Gate
Little Dipping’s Great Experiment
Monster versus Monster
Much Ado About Something
Muppets! The Larp
New Horizons: Fang Gogh
New Voices in Art
Nexus: Gathering at Foxlight
No Quarter
One Night in Heaven
Party at the Paragon Institute
Party Down at the Glass House
Pestilence and Petri Dishes
Peter’s Horror Game
Prayers on a Porcelain Altar
Quest to the Forest of Darkness
Quest to the Forest of Darkness II
Quick Bright Things
Raids at Dusk
Requiem 2
Requiem: Find Your Own Truth
Restricted Sector 17
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
Romeo and Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter
Run the Heart
Sacred Lands
Secrets of the Deep
Seeker’s Regret
Snow White
Soap Opera Larp
Spy Hard
Star Wars: Last Drink in the Purple Sun
Stars Over Strangeways
Steampunk Alive! The Great Train Robbery
Steampunk Alive! The Last Express
Stop That, It’s Silly
Struck to the Quick
Sunset in the Silver City
Super Sparkle Action Princess GX
Super Villians of 1929
Tesla’s Wedding
The Bell
The Black Hart of Camelot
The Board of Inquiry
The Brawl
The Captain’s Table
The Ch’akta Peace Accord
The Curse of the Pharoah
The Dance and the Dawn
The Defence of Nurumberg
The Devil’s Brood
The Discarded
The Doll Maker’s Wife
The FARM: Trial of Big Bad Wolf
The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste
The Flight of the Hindenburg
The Gordian Knot
The Governor’s Dinner Party
The Great Exhibition
The Hunger Games
The Moor-stepper on Lloegyr
The Morpho Project
The Nightmare Circle: A Mother’s Love
The Nightmare Circle: The Return
The Phoenix Project
The Queen’s Justice
The Rose and the Dragon
The Salem Witch Trials
The Scummit
The Seven Deadly Virtues
The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon
The Soap and the Opera
The Soap Opera Larp
The Summer Crisis
The Tournament of Champions
The Working Quarter
The Zone
Tournament of Champions
Truth, Justice and Spandex
Tryst: Illumination
Victoria Junction
Wands at the Ready!
Welcome to Sunny Valley
When the End of the World Came
World’s End
You Are Cordially Invited To…

I would love to run a preqritten game at this year’s Chimera, if there’s anyone that’d be willing to pass on their game notes.

I am keen to re-run a night at the museum

That’d be awesome, Mani! :slight_smile:

Almost all of mine are already online (the exception being my part of “Rose and Dragon”).

Almost all of mine are already online (the exception being my part of “Rose and Dragon”).[/quote]

There’s a fairly extensive list of games available online here: http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/LARP_Scenarios

Thanks for the list prompt Anna, that is an impressive list. Here’s some that I was quite gutted I didn’t get to play over the years:

Carnival Arcane
Flight 665: Safety First
Much Ado About Something
Run the Heart
snow White
Boats against the Current
Struck to the Quick
Super Sparkle Action Princess GX
Tesla’s Wedding
The Discarded
The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste
Truth, Justice and Spandex
Welcome to Sunny Valley

Those are the ones that jumped out at me that I have wanted to play, but there some other really cool sounding ones that I’ve never heard of. I would love to play in some re runs :slight_smile:

Such an awesome list.

A Town Called Refuge was a great flagship and was a while back now, that would be fun to replay. Run the Heart and The Ch’akta Peace Accord are both games I’d highly recommend, if Nick was able to rerun them.

My (non-exhaustive) list of games-I’ve-played-but-would-recommend-to-others would include: Angels in the Fog, Boats Against the Current, Communing in Darkness, Little Dipping’s Great Experiment, Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow, Stars Over Strangeways,
Tesla’s Wedding, The Bell, The Black Hart of Camelot, The Queen’s Justice, The Seven Deadly Virtues, Welcome to Sunny Valley, You Are Cordially Invited To…