Old radio for ww2

So I have an old radio from WW2 that I thought someone from this game might want to use/add to the set dressing… I doesn’t work, but does light up and looks cool… its quite heavy, so it might cost a bit to post down, alternatively if someone’s heading up auckland way and wanted to pick it up… its currently just gathering dust with me. Anyone interested?

is the old Bakelite tabletop hand set type?

I don’t know what that is, but I don’t think so… I’ll try posting a photo later.

This sounds really cool, looking forward to pic, I’m sure Mel or I would love it

I’m very keen on it for the RDC NZ too

Not wanting to rain on the party, but don’t we already have one of those down here, but one that works? I’m sure Scott was offering for me to use it for Myklon at the last Hydra, and I thought he used it for Alone in the Cold?