NZLARPS Wellington survey 2023

Welcome to the return of the great annual NZLARPS Wellington survey! Due to the plague that shall not be named the survey last ran in 2019, and a bit has changed in that time.

The survey asks players and GMs for info on topics like what kind of larps they would like to see, larp support, barriers, safety, and communication. If you have larped in Wellington, or plan to do so, please take 5 mins to fill out the survey. It is anonymous (unless you choose to give an email) and the more data the better to help us support larp in Wellington. The survey closes Sunday 17 September.

It is also a good opportunity to check your NZLARPS membership status before the AGM, whereupon you can vote on committee members, the power!

This survey will also be shared via Discord, Wellington LARP Facebook group, and Wellington mailing list/Google Group.

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Wellington larps scheduled over the last year for reference:

Date Larp
10-Sep-2022 The Stars Beneath the Ocean: The Shores Beyond
5-Nov-2022 Thunderrealm Island 5: Blaze Rock Bay
10-Dec-2022 Much Ado About Something
1-Apr-2023 The Stars Beneath the Ocean: Into the Depths (cancelled due to low numbers)
2-Apr-2023 Workshop: Writing & Running Theatreform LARPs
23-Apr-2023 Sunday Series: The Dance and the Dawn (cancelled due to low numbers)
23-Apr-2023 Sunday Series: The Face of Oblivion
28-May-2023 Sunday Series: The 25th Annual Suncoast City Grand Prix
28-May-2023 Sunday Series: Angels in the Fog
4-Jun-2023 Wellycon: Graduation Day
25-Jun-2023 Sunday Series: Boast Against the Current
25-Jun-2023 Sunday Series: The Lazarus Bar & Grill
23-Jul-2023 Sunday Series: Another One Bites the Crust (cancelled due to illness)
23-Jul-2023 Sunday Series: Two Inches of Ivory (cancelled due to illness)
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That’s actually more than I thought there’d been - quite a healthy number, under the circumstances.

The Sunday Series organised by Sarah really bumped up the numbers, impressive effort

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