NZLARPS Wellington 2017 Marketing Survey

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For the past couple of years I’ve done a short marketing survey aimed at answering a few questions to help us plan games better. We’ve been getting some useful data from these, so I’m doing it again this year. Once again there’s a few new questions, but as before it is anonymous. We’re asking a demographic question on gender this year to help in analysing the safety question, but we’re not asking for other personal information unless you want to join NZLARPS. You can fill it out here:

The more people who fill it out, the better the data will be (also, its a great chance to ask the GMs to run specific things. We’re not psychic, so the best way to let people know there’s demand for something is to
tell us).

I’m aiming to have some stats ready for the Wellington RGM next month.


There’s about a week left if you want to complete this. Give us data!


Here’s the presentation on the results: