NZLARPS website updates

It’s looking good to me. I especially like the fact that in the info for journalists down the side, you mention that it really isn’t a spectator activity, and that they should really talk to organisers about finding an appropriate game to turn up to.

I’ve also run the page by Anna and she suggested we mention that Chimera is a good place for journalists to go, so I’ve added that.

I haven’t seen Judit’s documentary, is it available somewhere? There is also The Mordavian Truth. I wonder if clips from those (and the 20/20 article) could make good material for the What Is Larp video that I’m planning.

My feeling is that the media page should focus on clips that show us accurately and positively, and preferably from mainstream media as that lends us some credibility.

In terms of commentary about movies/TV shows about larp, I rekcon it’s probably best to focus on positive statements about what we do, rather than defensiveness about what we don’t.

How does the Supernatural episode portray larp?

I’ve put the media page live on the site now, by including it in the navigation at the top.

We’ve run out of space in the navigation. The whole website is probably well overdue for a whole new design anyhow. The current design was only ever intended to be “good enough for now”, and we’ve had it for 7 years.