NZLARPs South Island AGM minutes 2018

Hello everyone!

Head here to read the minutes from the AGM. Please feel free to post here or on Facebook or to email Jen ( if you have any questions.

Your 2019 South Island Committee and their contact details are as follows:
Regional Director - Matt Swain @Viperion -
Secretary - Jen Hay @jenhay -
Treasurer - Edward Stutters @EdwardStutters -
Gear Officer - Carla Bayard @Carla -
Marketing Officer - Stuart Stoddart @Jangalian -
General Officers - Jo East @easjo682 and Daena Schofield @daena

Unfortunately, I am moving up to Auckland next year to work so I cannot continue my role as secretary of NZLARPs South Island, much as I have enjoyed it. I wish you all a great year of LARP (: