NZLARPS needs a national treasurer

Mel has mentioned this on Facebook, so I’ll put it here too: due to a lack of nominations, NZLARPS is seeking a national treasurer. Its a constitutionally required, high-trust position managing the finances of a ~$50,000 annual turnover society. Most of that money is managed at a regional level, so the primary responsibilities are financial oversight, backing up regional treasurers and helping them to do their jobs, and providing annual accounts to the AGM so we can file them, plus general governance as part of the committee. There is also a potential responsibility for processing NZLARPS GST returns if we get much bigger. We have been lucky enough to have actual accountants in the role for the past few years, and that would help, but as Mel has noted we will get support for you if we have a willing and capable but not formally qualified volunteer.

If you’re interested, please contact If you are not an NZLARPS member, you will need to join.

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