NZLARPs National Committee quarterly summary January 2020

NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary January 2020

The NZLARPS National Committee doesn’t formally meet, and instead conducts business through its Diatribe forum. As a result, we don’t publish formal minutes. Instead, we have decided to provide a quarterly summary of business.

Matters discussed
Since October the National Committee has:

  • Worked through post-AGM housekeeping tasks.
  • Completed the process to register for GST
  • Discussed the possibility of running a NZLARPs instagram account for further outreach. Using a business account we could allow multiple marketing roles to access the same account for multi-regional posting and to stop the buck falling to one person. Further steps include discussing logistics with regional committees and gauging interest, as well as formally pitching the idea to the membership to determine interest and people keen to have their photos showcased (with due credit of course).
  • @HexualSealing has been canvassing for information to help with their interview with a German LARP channel on YouTube. This could also be a good spot to promote our instagram account if we had one.
  • The Whatislarp website has been renewed for a further year
  • Membership numbers presented to the committee for comment