NZLARPS National Committee Meeting Minutes March 2023

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The Secretary has some concerns over the size of the database, the data we collect, and for how long we hold this information for. There are many old records, as well as duplicate records.

The national committee agreed a policy on this in April 2019, which can be found in the committee forum. It was slightly tedious to implement by hand.

Some of the documents have been created by a previous secretary’s personal email account and shared with the secretary’s account.

That would be me, and its an artefact of the way I manage accounts across multiple browsers. You should now have a bunch of ownership transfers in your email. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Still does not have access to the bank accounts. Have spoken to ASB multiple times and without the previous treasurer’s signature they have been unable to grant access to the accounts. The previous treasurer has not been in a position to visit a bank in person to arrange the transition.
    • However the latest contact with ASM has said that we may be able to transfer the access to the Treasurer by providing a copy of the AGM minutes showing his election.
      • The Secretary suggests that we can also provide the updated Incorporated Societies Certificate showing the current officers.
      • Treasurer, President, and Secretary should all be signatories on the account.
    • Regional treasurers are also lacking proper access as they were given logins belonging to previous regional treasurers, which have now expired. This process needs to be improved.
    • Apologies to the people still waiting for payments. Treasurer is aware of payments needing to be made and will action as soon as bank account access is granted.
    • Will have more financial information on the state of the society once access is confirmed.

(South Island Treasurer Hat) Glad to see all this :slight_smile: Can @Hamish_Meads let me/us (the other Regional Treasurers) know when this has been done? I have some payments/reimbursements I need to make out of the account (and it’s always handy to have access to your “own” account in any case :wink: )


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It has now been over 10 months since anyone in NZLARPS South Island has had access to the account; this is getting beyond a joke and needs to be sorted NOW please.

There was a post from @IdiotSavant on April 21st that @Hamish_Meads had access to the accounts and both @sarlytheplatypus and I have asked through all the channels that we can think of to provide access, and have had zero responses.

Can someone please get this sorted.

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I also do not have an authorisation token yet, and I have people who have been waiting to be reimbursed since last year. Which is obviously not good.

I emailed Hamish a completed section of the appropriate form at the end of April, so he could include it next time he went in. I haven’t heard anything since.

In the meantime, if anyone has a token and can authorise payments, I have a list of transactions I’d like approved.

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I believe that no one has an authorisation token currently, and all regions are in the same situation waiting for this to get approved. I know Auckland also has outstanding payments needing to be made, as the Auckland treasurer also doesn’t have a token.

My understanding of the situation is that at the meeting at the end of April they added Hamish on as a signatory after getting the form sent by IdiotSavant. However the bank didn’t get him the right forms for getting access to the internet banking and getting tokens sorted. I spoke to him in person on 7th May, and he said he had a meeting booked in the next week to get this final hurdle sorted.

Unfortunately on 9th May, Hamish was both in a car accident due to the storms we had up here, and also tested positive for covid. So I know that the meeting last week was postponed. I haven’t heard from him since then, but he wouldn’t have been able to have the meeting until he was recovered from covid, so hopefully he will be having that final meeting with the bank soon.

It’s a really frustrating situation for everyone, and I do think it highlights how we need some improved measures around treasurer handovers, and updating the tokens etc. With the need for an updated constitution with the new legislation, we should also be looking at improved processes.


Oh, the Auckland Treasurer has view only access to the accounts, so he can’t make payments, but he has been able to send me the details of membership payments, so they are at least up to date.

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Ah this is simultaneously good and bad to know - my sympathies to Hamish on both counts and I hope he’s recovering.

I appreciate the update, thanks.

Crap. Hope he gets well soon.

If I’m still a signatory then I’m willing to sign anything you ask me to. For example, I could sign a form with section C to get tokens for two users. If I’ve been removed (as I should have been), then any of the current signatories can do this.

Hi guys, has there been ANY movement on the bank account front? Really hard to do stuff when we have no money…

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