NZLARPs Hamilton AGM Minutes 22-11-2015

NZLARPs Hamilton Committee Meeting

Attendees: Chloe Simone Bruce; Joseph Outram; Jonathan Trevarthen; Jamie Boyle; Abigail S; James Win; Jared Hansen; Gareth Brown.
Apologies: None.

Meeting Beginning 3:45pm Sunday 22nd November 2015

• Voting of new committee
o Director - Joseph Outram - 8 votes
o Secretary - Jonathan Trevarthen - 8 votes
o Treasurer - Chloe Simone Bruce - 8 votes
o Marketing - Jared Hansen - 8 votes
o Gear - James Win - 8 votes
• Fallout: set as a Project; set to make a profit at the first weekend game; source for pipboys sorted.
• Accumulated fabric/costuming to be tallied.
• Gear audit to be conducted in the new year.
• Medusa run differently nnext year; 2 flagship size on saturday; outdoor Sunday.
• Discussion for making Medusa and Remnants Projects: tabled for later discussion.
• Fallout ran well; comment of racism; have been cautious of this topic (focusing slurs as Reds/Sins, rather than any real-world slurs)
• Fallout Day Game: budget to come
• Combat Training: to run bi-weekly in the new year.

Next meeting - mid February after Crucible
Meeting concluded at 4:15pm