NZLARPS database updates


I’ve added an Export Members option to the list of user profiles. This only appears for administrators (i.e. committee members).

It exports all users except those who have never applied for NZLARPS membership. Right now it only exports a few fields, but I’ll expand it. I’ll also make it save straight to a CSV file.

Note that the emails contained in this list should only be used for NZLARPS committee purposes. It’s not a mailing list for projects to use for advertising.


The member export function is pretty much complete now. All committee members should see an “export members” option at the top of the list of user profiles.

Clicking this will immediately download a CSV file of all current, expired and applied members. It now contains all fields. This is information that committee members could already get from the system, it’s just in a more convenient form.

Currently a browser error is being thrown in Safari when the export happens. It doesn’t prevent the download for me, and the error doesn’t seem to happen in Chrome. For the technically inclined, I think the problem is I haven’t included a size attribute for the file in the HTTP header. I’ll look at fixing it sometime.

Note again that this information is intended for society purposes, e.g. for AGMs and SGMs or society newletters. It is not intended to be used by projects directly for advertising.

The website database is the master source of member information, so any changes to data should happen there. This export function is intended for read-only purposes.