NZ Sword Symposium

I’ve been asked to pass on information about the NZ Sword Symposium, a 3-day teaching event running at Brookfields Scout Camp from November 15-18 2019. Website here:

It offers sword fighting in a variety of styles, other historical weapons, archery, and wrestling, with teachers from NZ and around the world.

Waaaay outside my budget, unfortunately…

That’s the cost of (quite rightly) paying professional instructors for their time and expenses. But it certainly undercuts those crying that larp is too expensive.

This is not LARP, and that’s not what I meant at all. I’d love to go to this. But if I have a spare $500 lying around somewhere it gets used for real life things.

It costs what it costs. I accept that this is an expensive hobby. But I also accept that I’m not always able to afford it and so I do miss out sometimes.

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As an addition to this I will be running a class at the symposium on LARP combat and principles.

There is also going to be a class on stage fighting that looks interesting.

I’ve had an amazing time each year and learned a huge amount about a variety of weapon systems, for me it is a must attend.

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