NPC Recruitment!

We’re on the lookout for a couple of people to play our recurring NPC’s. We think it would be much cooler if the recurring NPC’s had the same people playing them until they’re killed off in a blaze of glory, so we have to recruit some!
People in these roles wouldn’t be playing them for the entire weekend, because they’d be taking turns joining in the fighting on behalf of the GM’s for some of it. But while you are playing the character, it’s kind of like playing in a theatre-form game. We give you the character sheet, and the people you know, and off you go! Of course, important people, get to know important secrets, so you’ll need to be able to stay quiet OOC.

Thom is ready to fight you all in order to take the role of rather wild Jonas Wilde, but me and Nick are totally open to bribes. If you want to know a bit more about the characters, they all have tidbits about them in the timeline:

General Eudora Cannon - General of the British division of the AoAN.
Captain Aviator Abe Helion - Famed poster boy of the Air Division whose tales of adventure inspire many a lass and lad.
Van Helsing - Current eccentric leader of the Church of Van Helsing. The name is inherited as a title, rather than being the leaders actual name; which is Jonas Wilde.
Genevieve Crane - Her Majesty’s contact and knowledgeable advisor of demonology from the Church of Van Helsing.
Queen Victoria II - Reigning Monarch of the British Empire; the one we are sworn to protect.
Captain Evelyn Demalynes - Captain of the Guard, Her Majesty’s most trusted warden.
Lord Cyrus Kain - Determined and inspiring leader of the East India Company. TAKEN
Woolf Finglas - Humourless and business focused Company representative to Her Majesty.
Chief Barnabas H. Emerson - Well respected Chief of the Royal Mail.
Mistress Ada Blane - Master Blacksmith and Armourer, known for her dedication to quality work. TAKEN
Master Maurice Biffen - Master of the Royal Mail house on the Isle of Skye.
Professor Arnold Goldcrest - Refined Gentleman and Leader of the Society.
Zebulon V - most advanced Automaton yet produced by the Society.
Sophia Deveraux - Charismatic and enthusiastic Chief Engineer of the Union of the Gear.
Professor Peter Fielding - Her Majesty’s contact from the Union of the Gear; old and stuffy, but reliable.

Of course, if you don’t want to play a recurring NPC, we are definitely keen for people to sign up to crew as mooks, people’s past mistakes come back to haunt them and townsfolk. Drop us a line:

Already sent interest. Awaiting my assignment :slight_smile:

I am happy to crew, I will send through a request later.

Happy to crew and have emailed too.

For NPC recruitment in general, is there a flier or anything I could give people?

We’ve got business cards, but that’s it.

Email Sent