Not long now

Getting excited…also wondering just how big that consequence stick really is :smiley:

I’m super excited too :smiley:

All of the excitement, here :smiley:

Welp, I imagine I’m gonna be hit pretty hard with the consequence stick XD But I’m still excited, go figure.

On a related note, can anyone help with wound/bruise make up?

Jenni I will be bringing a lot of make up, for exactly that sort of thing.

So I’m not sure what the weather is like but I was thinking of doing a photoshoot before set up. Maybe 2-2.30. I kind of want to get the players in the Posse if possible, either down near the beach and cliffs at the bottom of Happy Valley or in that metal sculpture garden thing, not sure if there is an entry fee though. Trying to get that wasteland feel.

Ill be at Aethercon, and then I’ll head up to the game.
anyone else going to Aethercon?

Jarratt, I’m likely to be pretty pressed for time. Doing a brunch-ish thing in the morning and not sure how long it’ll go for. Certainly wouldn’t want to commit to anything as early as 2 -2.30. Maybe an hour later? 3.30?

I’d be extremely keen, but a) the weather looks dubious, and b) I’m reliant on public transport (at least two buses) and not really sure how to get to the hall in the first place, let alone the park…

Any chance we could organise a separate shoot (date TBA) when the weather’s better, just to give us a decent time frame for a good session?


Okay maybe I’ll head along as early as I can get away from Lilian and help with set-up and then look at doing some photos 3.30-4 or something.

I’m picking people up on route. Wont be there before 4.