Nordic Larp Talks 2022

The Nordic larp Talks happened this morning. They’ll probably end up in nice, individual chunks on their YouTube channel at some stage, but in the meantime there’s a Facebook stream for those who Zuck.

Speakers this year:

  • Anni Tolvanen - A Full House Trumps a Dance Card
  • Chris Bergstresser - The Ethics of Storytelling
  • Frida Lindegren - Napping with purpose
  • Hanne Grasmo - Reading Larps
  • Josephine Rydberg - Only Larp can save VR!
  • Laura Wood - Larp Chemistry
  • Mike Pohjola - Pimp My Magic School
  • Mo Holkar - Burn Out and Fade Away: larp organizing can be tough
  • Olivia Fischer - The Lion, the witch and the workshop