Nominations for NZLARPS South Island Committee 2018/19

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Hi folks,

It’s that time of year again and nominations are open for the South Island Committee positions. The positions are:

Regional Director
Marketing Officer
Gear Officer
up to 2 General Officers (this position is not mandatory)

If you wish to nominate anyone for these positions, please post below. Nominations will close on Sunday 30th of September.

Note that we must have representatives from both Dunedin and Christchurch on the Committee :slight_smile:

South Island Committee Meeting Minutes 8.9.18

I nominate Carla Bayard (@Carla) for Gear Officer, and Matt Swain (myself) for Regional Director.

I know most of the rest of the committee are keen to carry on, but I’ll let them nominate themselves for whichever positions they’re interested in.


Seconded for both
Matt -> Regional Director
Carla -> Gear Officer


I nominate Daena Schofield (@daena I think) for general officer.


Current nominations are as follows:

Regional Director: Matt Swain (nominated, seconded)
Secretary: Jen Hay (nominated, seconded)
Marketing: Stuart Stoddart (nominated, seconded
Treasurer: Edward Stutters (nominated, seconded)
Gear officer: Carla Bayard (nominated, seconded)
General committee x 2: Daena Schofield (nominated, seconded, accepted), Jo East (nominated, seconded)

This is currently 2 x Christchurch natives (1 for officer position) and 5 x Dunedinites.


I happaly accept to do the work of General officer if required :slight_smile: .ie i do want the nomination


I nominate myself (@jenhay) for secretary. And second the nomination for @daena for general officer.


I second @jenhay for secretary


I nominate myself (Stuart Stoddart / @Jangalian) for Marketing Officer and nominate Jo East (@easjo682) for General Officer.


I’ll second Stuart and Jo, and add a nomination for Edward Stutters (@Edward_Stutters) for Treasurer


I’ll second Edward, assuming he accepts his nomination.