No Chimera in 2018

For those who don’t use Facebook, Prema posted the following announcement today:

Sorry for the Radio silence, as you will have deduced by now there will be no Chimera running this year.
The Auckland LARP calendar is chockablock with awesome Campaign larps, and that is where most of the interest lies in the current Auckland LARP scene.
I do hope to restart this in the future, when that will be will depend on interest from the community in theatreforms and spaces in the calendar.
I just wanted to let you all know that Chimera isn’t dead, just hibernating at the moment ready to be back with a roar when the right time comes.
In the meantime, I am running Saga, if you are interested in coming to play in a Norse Fantasy LARP then join the group:

(Links o Phoenix, Hydra, and Cerberus sniped)