New Wellington campaign!

Hello! Here is the blurb for the new campaign, Londinium Rising, coming Feb 2020.

Londinium Rising is a larp campaign set in the city of Londinium, during the reign of the “Merry Monarch” Carys I; not unlike the Elizabethan period of our own time. The majority of the campaign will take place in the district of Skintgate, the insalubrious area of the city that includes theatres, brothels, fighting pits, and taverns. This is not Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings; Londinium Rising takes inspiration from Black Sails, Taboo, and Fallen London.

You play the underclass; tavern workers, actors, petty merchants, poor scholars, blacksmiths, and a variety of other professions. Crime, witchcraft, religious strife, and plague: life can be short in Skintgate, but it’ll never be boring.

Expectation document

General setting information

Character creation and rules

Expression of interest form


Do I detect influences of Thief: the Dark Project and Blades in the Dark in this?

I actually introduced the author to Blades in the Dark during rules feedback. It fits so well though. All the media directly and indirectly influencing this has made something just dripping with flavour.


Huh. The Elizabethan Blades in the Dark hack, Coneycatchers, ha just shown up in the backer directory. Looks… inspirational.

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I would like to state, for the record, that I had never heard of Blades in the Dark when I started writing!

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That’s fine - we can steal from it as players even if you didn’t as a GM.

(I should actually work out what I want to play in this. So many options…)

Sooo… The queen’s called Carys I.

:rofl: The Welsh have won!

This is awesome.