New PC Connections - Bloody Valentine

Hi folks :slight_smile:

So, obviously, this is a thread for new PC’s to gain some connections, or for you existing PC’s to acquire us in some way. I know myself and David are both in this boat, rumour has it Alistair is as well now. :slight_smile:

So what do folks need from us to see if we interest each other?

Some pc details?
Apparent Age?
Faction preference?
Intended role?

I’m hoping to have reasons to be thee IC before I get there, so pls. Ask away or offer away or PM me or FB me or, well, you know the drill better than me I think lol.


PS: I’m also looking for figures of wonder and amazement to star in my Background. Yes, you. You know I love the way you did that thing, at that other game. You’d be perfect! :slight_smile:

Hi there! My character’s basic overview is as follows:

Dr Dahlia E. Swanhilde
Few remaining survivors of the demon massacres in Greenland
Now Chief Medical Officer of Hanover Camp
Recently discovered cure for Scarlett Fever alongside a fellow doctor and sent it everywhere
Spent past 5 years as a mercenary traveling the world and doing odd jobs. Mainly part of a demon-clearing duty
A memorable character if you ever encountered her, often got in trouble and managed to get out.

If you want some connection, feel free to pm me :slight_smile:

So a brief explanation on the Character played By Alistair.

name Ragnar Lothbrok, Captain of the Skyship Pandora age 35. Skypirate and Smuggler.

Robbo’s PC Brief:

Name: #13
Approximate Age: Mid-late 30’s
Role: Combat medic (If you had an image of a Ranger’s retrieval specialist, you’re on the right track … definitely NOT a DR or surgeon lol)
Faction (hoped for): The Royal Mail

#13 is something of an anomaly. He has the usual unknown past associated with his kind, first significantly appearing on the Dover battlefields. He’s been sighted at many scenes of carnage and unrest around the world since, fighting like something from hell unleashed against the oncoming storm and has many times nearly died saving those around him, yet he has also been seen praying for the Lost, the Damned and the Wicked. Whenever asked about his reasonings for such actions, he claims merely that someone must protect the hearts and souls of those unable.