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Hi Guys,

Fenix here,
new member from hamilton,
was always curious about LARP so finally got around to hunting you lot down.

i dont know anyone who does it, so im a total virgin :smiley:

bit about me…

-always been into sciFi and fantasy ( played warhammer40k… happen to be in love with the design of that universe )
-vivid imagination
-reasonably artistic and handy ( good for building props i suppose )
-big fella ( i think ? ) 6ft, 100kg , work out and run regularly
-hunt and shoot in my spare time ( for those that know their firing arms i use an M14 and a Saiga12 )
-work full time in sales

and i think thats about it, lookin forward to learning the ropes

nice to meet you - im the resident troll both in sature and online personality tho I am informed that “Adam is really nice when he is nice… hic…” by our president…



I work in Games-Workshop Sylvia park so i have little worry about lack of topics for us to chat about - Look forward to seeing you at a larp soon.

you work at games workshop… i am insanely jealous… this could also proove dangerous. i have enough things to spend my money on before i looked into LARP, i can see a new 40k army in the works now haha

If you’re keen Fenix, we’re having some larp combat practice at Resthills park at 3pm tomorrow the 14 of February, thats the entrance of MacMurdo Ave, in Melville.

And yes, like WH40K, LARP will cheew through your cash, of course, if you’re crafty, it can be done on the cheap if you’re handy at making your own gear etc.

would of been good. i only just got near a computer again.
whens the next time?

I’m trying to run combat sessions at least every month but it can be whenever I have one other person who is keen. I’ll send you a PM with my cell number.

Hi Fenix :slight_smile:

ahh i remember being a total larp virgin not toooo long ago. is scary. but fun xD

Yeah, I’ve only been larping a year, this saturday and I’ve gone right in, now I’m running my own campaign!