New Auckland campaigns

Saga wrapped up last year, Exile has just finished, and while there is still Dying World, it looks like Auckland is currently without large campaigns. But a bunch of new games have emerged to potentially fill that gap:

  • Urbs Aeterna (Sophie M, Eva J and Hamish M) is basicly fantasy alternate-history Romans-with-magic. Its running its first event - an 8-hour parlour-style pilot for 40 people - on 17 July.
  • The Three Kingdoms (Kemys T, Daniel J) is an eastern-themed larp, taking inspiration from mythology and Three Kingdoms Era China, Heian Japan, and Joseon Korea. No dates yet.
  • Avatar: The last Resistance (Cheryl F, Shae) is inspired by the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender No dates yet either.