New affiliate: SAGA

NZLARPS has just concluded an affiliation agreement with SAGA, Inc, the University of Canterbury gaming club (not to be confused with Saga, the larp campaign). SAGA runs larp events in Christchurch, including Buckets of Dice (a mixed con with a flagship and assorted smaller larps) and Phoenix (a dedicated annual larp convention along the lines of Chimera
and Hydra).

Details of the agreement are here.

Our affiliate agreement with SAGA means that each organisation will treat the other’s members as their own for the purposes of event entry and discounts. NZLARPS members will receive the same discount as SAGA members at events like Buckets of Dice and Phoenix. SAGA members will receive the same discount as NZLARPS members at NZLARPS projects such as Cerberus. We have agreed to this because we believe it will boost attendance at larp events in the South Island, while also encouraging larpers from both organisations to travel and exchange ideas.

We’ve also agreed to promote each other’s larp events, and to lend each other gear to assist each other to run larps (in practice this will be handled by the new South Island region). We look forward to working with SAGA to promote larp around New Zealand.


  • 2017-6 (18 May 2017): That NZLARPS affiliate SAGA.
    3 in favour (James, Naomi, Malcolm), 2 opposed (Phillip, Brad).
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