NELCO 2018 topics

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NELCO is a larp conference in New England, run by NEIL (New England Interactive Literature). They’ve just put up the list of topics for their 2018 conference. Interesting ones:

  • Consent and Negotiation in Low-Transparency Designs: most of the games run in NZ are “low transparency” (in that content is usually kept secret from the players), and we manage consent issues with content warnings, pre-casting, or “welfare checks”. But this might have some ideas about other techniques we can use, like Lookdown.
  • What Lit-Form Does Well (and Not So Well): looking at “secrets and powers” games (and it looks like they’re trying to stick a new name on them).
  • Writing LARP for Kids vs. Adults: obvious from the title, potentially useful given that there’s demand for larps that people’s kids can play in.
  • Running PvP/CvC Content in Live Combat Campaign LARPs: Probably a horror-show about how it all goes wrong, but there might be some good ideas in there.

NELCO usually records its talks and puts the video up on Larp Out of Character, so if you’re interested you should be able to watch these eventually.