Name the Lovecraftian letter larp!

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been bitten by the design bug and am planning to run a Lovecraft-themed letter-larp. I’ll be organising it over Diatribe, and that means a forum, and that needs a snappy name. So, what should I call it? My candidates so far are “Dear Howard” or “Untitled”. Or maybe some play on Unaussprechlichen Kulten? (also, that’s a disturbing thing to have Google auto-complete for you)

Any suggestions?

The Innsmouth Papers

Letters in the Dark

Blue Ink and Feather Quills

Uncanny Missives


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The Symbol Correspondence. (That’s a fallen london reference…)

Messages of Madness


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I Remain, Ever Yours


^^^ THIS

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I like Unaussprechlichen Kulten , Letters in the Dark and I Remain, Ever Yours.

…Any chance this might be open to international players?


I wasn’t planning to, simply because I want postage times to be manageable. OTOH, I haven’t really investigated them either.

Hmmm. 6-10 working days and $3 for an international letter, vs 3 working days (yeah, right) and $1.20 domesticly. It might work.

Unbeschreiblicher Briefwechsel - indescribable / unutterable correspondence?

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Love Letters?

I like The Innsmouth Papers for some reason.

As long as you remember that “unbeschreiblich” is often used like “incredible” as well… (As in “incredibly impressive”.)

Oh, and extra points for getting the ending right! Hollywood never manages. :smiley:

“Ever Yours” is very good.

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I look forward to seeing people’s incredible letters :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Me too.

I think it mostly would. Especially if the characters being played were also some distance away.

Having received more information on usual play speeds, I really don’t think it would work (especially because you need to double any NZPost delivery target). So I’ll be restricting this to NZ only, just to ensure reasonable turnaround times. Sorry, @Fair_Escape

Weird Tales

I think @tigger has claimed that one for another project.

Lovecraft Actually



While “Ever Yours” is popular, and says “letter larp”, its not very thematic. So I’ll go with “The Innsmouth Papers” (Unbeschreiblicher Briefwechsel, while cool, is too unspellable for regular use).

I’ve asked for a forum, and I’ll give it the appropriate name when it shows up. I think I’ve got enough stuff out of the way to start on character creation stuff now.