NaLaWriMo 2020?

Its been a shit of a year, and people are probably feeling crushed creatively (I know I am). But is anyone interested in doing NalaWriMo 2020? The general idea is to write a larp, any larp, in a month - specifically November. The “rules”, such as they are, are here:

If people are interested, chime in, and we’ll see if we can do it again this year.

What to write this year? Last year I tried writing a game about climate grief in a small coastal NZ town, and its lack of central plot (which was meant to be filled by a memory mechanic) made it wildly out of my comfort zone (alternatively: a half-arsed, under-developed idea), so its in the pile of “things I never want to run”.

As for what to do this year: I could keep tinkering with the Red Mars inspired mining-colony anticorporate revolution larp, but that just ends up being about empty politics and the characters are too shallow. Alternatively, I recently acquired a little ttrpg called Under Hill, By Water, about Hobits, and I can see that a low-key domestic comedy about them could be funny.

What plans do other people have?

This does sound fun, and could make a lovely summer “picnic” larp in a park. Lots of great photo references for costume, popular setting, and if everyone is hobbits there’s no need to think about scale. The Hobbiton venue has always been open to us running a larp there, although that might suit something larger than you might want to write.


I was thinking the frame would be a harvest or midsummer festival , so that would allow the option of running outdoors. But I generally write for 12 players ATM, because that’s the size of game I can easily fill.

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…Is this… the set from LotR/The Hobbit?

I was wondering the same thing…

Yes, as I understand it the option is there but as far as I know it hasn’t been taken up yet. The hobbit holes are just facades, but you could do a nice outdoor thing, and/or maybe use the Green Dragon. One of the big green areas could be perfect for something like a large harvest festival scenario I imagine.


Info here:

They have lots of indoor and outdoor options, and it is Not Cheap. Attendees might be paying a NZ$200+ for an evening.

Youch. Not for me then.