NaLaWriMo 2018

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Official early warning: National Larp Writing Month (NalaWriMo) is in November. So you’ve got three months to clear your calendar so you can write a larp.

Rules, FAQ, and signup (if you want a reminder of when to start) are on the website here:

The basic idea is to write a larp - any type of larp, any size - in a month. I’ve done it a few times: last year I wrote Longmuir Hall, and the year before Persephone’s Choice. Anyone else want to do it this year?


Yuss I can actually do NaLaWriMo this year!


It’s a definite maybe from me; I don’t have The Next Great Idea™ but I have a few things rattling around.

However, I don’t have a lot of free time and I’m heading over to Ireland in December for four weeks so November is likely to be busy both in work and free time.

On the other other hand, if I don’t make time to write a larp, I probably never will, soooo…


Write a small one? After all, there’s a 6-8 player space at Cerberus which needs to be filled every round…


For those who facebook, @Tevinterium has set up a facebook group for this. Contact her or comment on the post int he NZLARPS facebook group for an invite.

Edit to add: Or you can just join it here


6 people in the facebook group so far, plus a few international participants signed up on the website. This is looking quite promising.