Muggle Quidditch

We are thinking of getting a Quidditich going down here. this will be in addition to the highly successful Orcball.
Anyone interested?

If you want to see what Muggle Quidditch looks like then go to​ch?v=cGwUbW3aw5U

The link didn’t take me to anything related to what you posted about.

So I googled it and found videos of Harvard students (female) running about with brooms between their legs and that made me uncomfortable on all sorts of levels.

Got a better link to direct us to?

Sorry about that. That link has gone down.
or … re=related

The game I was specifically recommending can be found using "Purdue Vs Ball State Quidditch Match 2"
else just type in Muggle quidditch or International quidditich association and see what you get.

We’ve just had a practice with about half of our players. Some three on three Quidditch.
Totally awesome to watch.