MOTAT Apocalypse How? Zombie Larp-like Event 23rd of January


MOTAT’s Holiday program these holidays is Apocalypse How? They are running a number of events including a Zombie Event which is very much like a larp, using larp weapons and nerf guns. NZLARPS has agreed to help them with this. Here is their write up:

[quote]Apocalypse How? A light hearted look at the end of the world and beyond

How will it all end? These five words make up one of the most fascinating and enduring questions mankind has ever asked. It is a question that forms the basis of some of the oldest known myths and legends, from cultures all around the world. It has been pondered for centuries by everyone from scientists to religious leaders, and apocalyptic visions have filled the works of countless artists and poets. Our attempts to answer this question have given us many predictions and prophecies, with scenarios ranging from the mundane to the truly bizarre. As society has changed, these predictions have changed with us, reflecting our fears and concerns, yet even as images of biblical judgement have given way to the radioactive fire of global nuclear war or the callous indifference of rogue technology a definitive answer continues to elude us, though the question remains the same. It is this question that will form the topic of Apocalypse How?, MOTAT’s 2016 January holiday experience.
Apocalypse How? A light hearted look at the end of the world and beyond! Is a celebration of all things apocalypse related. Focussing on popular and contemporary theories about the end of the world, the experience will explore themes relating to technology, sustainability and innovation by imagining a world in which an apocalypse has occurred. By asking the simple question “How will it all end?” Apocalypse How? seeks to initiate discussion around these themes and rather than trying to offer a single definitive answer, the experience will instead focus on presenting visitors with a wide range of information and perspectives, encouraging them to think, and ultimately come to their own conclusions.
For more information please see our website ( and the links below

Apocalypse How Overview: (Monday 04th January – Sunday 31st January)

Welcome To the Post apocalypse: (Sunday 10th of January 2016)

Outbreak: MOTAT (Saturday 23rd January 2016)

The file Attached is the game guide which contains the rules they are using.

We are looking for people that are wanting to help out with the Zombie event on the 23rd of January. You will get free access to MOTAT on the day and get to help run a fun day of fighting zombies.

If you are interested in getting involved, let us me know:


I am 14 and am really into this stuff just never had the chance to LARP i have larped before and I am wondering if I could play a part in this.